• Are you under 25?
  • Do you want free condoms?

If YES then the C-Card scheme is for YOU!

Camden's C-Card scheme (also known as Come Correct) gives young people (aged 13 - 24) quick and easy access to condoms. It also offers a safe environment in which young people can get advice and information about sexual health and relationships in community settings. The c-card scheme is a free and confidential service. You don't even have to be sexually active to join – even if you are only thinking about having sex, you can register and be ready.

What is a C-CARD?

There are many different c-card schemes across the UK. Camden's scheme, the C-card uses a small card like an oyster card. Once you have registered with the scheme, you will be given your card, which will have on it a barcode and your unique identity number. The Camden C-Card is part of the Pan London Come Correct C-Card scheme, this means if you see the C-Card symbol anywhere else in London you can use your C-Card there to get free condoms.

The information you give when you register for the scheme (date of birth, postcode, condom preferences, etc) will be stored securely on the c-card database. This will enable you to get free condoms quickly and easily from any of the participating outlets in Camden and all over London.

How do I get a c-card?

To get a c-card, visit any of the scheme's registration points, listed below.

Camden C-card registration centres:

  • Brandon Centre: 26 Prince of Wales Rd, NW5 3LG
  • WKC: 211 Grays Inn Rd,WC1X 8RA
  • Sidings: 150 Brassey Rd NW6 2BA
  • Queens Crescent CC: 45 Ashdown Crescent NW5 4QE
  • Navigator Kilburn: 12-22 Kilburn High Rd NW6 5UH
  • Gospel Oak Youth Access Point: 44 Ashdown Cres NW5 4QE
  • Kilburn Youth Station: 20-22 Kingsgate Place NW6 4TA
  • ARC: 109 Rowley Way NW8 0SW
  • Camden Detached Project: Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt St NW1 1BD
  • Winchester Project: 21 Winchester Road NW3 3NR
  • Coram’s fields Youth Club: 93 Guilford St WC1N 1DN

Where can I use the card to get free condoms?

At present, the only outlets in Camden are the registration points listed above. However, new outlets are being recruited and will be listed here as soon as they join the scheme. Your Camden c-card also gives you access to free condoms through c-card schemes across London. Go to www.comecorrect.org.uk for a list of all outlets across London.

How will I use the c-card at an outlet?

You will hand your card to a member of staff at any of the outlets listed. You will not need to give your name or any other personal details. Information about your condom choices and quantities will be stored on a secure website, under your unique identity number, and the member of staff will simply look this up and hand you your condoms. The Camden c-card scheme is confidential and you can be sure that the person at the outlet will not discuss your visit with anyone.

Where can I find information about sexual health and relationships?

There are many sources of unbiased information about sexual health and relationships for young people, for example from GPs, sexual health nurses, youth workers, teachers and counsellors. And the workers at c-card registration centres will either be able to answer your questions or point you towards someone who can.

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