Sexual Exploitation


What is Sexual Exploitation?

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Sexual exploitation can be described in many ways, a simple way to think of it is when:

A young person (male or female) receives something in exchange for sexual activities:

  • Something may be attention/affection, protection from other people, money, a mobile phone/credit, drugs/alcohol or a place to stay.
  • Sexual activities may be: touching, oral sex, taking sexual videos/pics, sex
  • Sometimes the young person doesnt get anything - someone else does, usually the person who has set up the young person in the first place.


Sexual exploitation can happen in a number of different ways so it can be difficult to spot.

  • Exploitation might be by an older boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Could be people your own age (sexual bullying)
  • It can happen in the family
  • It can happen online
  • Sometimes young people get taken to an area they dont know very well
  • Gangs/groups of people can take advantage of a young person and pass them round
  • Some young people are groomed (when someone tricks you into thinking they are trustworthy so they can manipulate you to do sexual things)
  • Sometimes it just happens out of the blue

If I think this is happening to me or a friend how do I get help?

All young people should be protected from this type of abuse. Some young people are scared to talk about it because they have been blackmailed, made to feel guilty or made to feel theyre not worth caring about. You may feel confused about what you want to do.

You should always remember that Sexual Exploitation is illegal.

Talk to someone about what's happening to you or your friend. You will be believed and supported. There are a number of services in Camden who can help and each will explain their confidentiality process (what info they will and will not share) with you. You can find out more info through this Camden webpage www.camden.gov.uk/sexualexploitation, speak to a youth worker, teacher or other trusted adult or click on one of the links in the bar on the right.

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