You may think that smoking looks cool or that it will help you unwind after a hard day, lose weight or that it doesn't matter because you'll be able to quit in a few years. In fact, the opposite is true:

  • Most young people (67%) say that smoking reduces sexual attractiveness
  • Nicotine is a stimulant, instead of calming you down it will actually speed up your bodily functions, particularly your heart rate
  • There is nothing in a cigarette that makes you slim
  • Smoking affects your skin, causing more wrinkles and blemishes
  • Smoking can stain your teeth and they are more likely to fall out, leaving unsightly gaps in your mouth
  • Smoking also causes bad breath and your clothes and hair may smell without you realising it, which is quite a turn off to those you are in a close relationship with
  • Cigarette smoke stays in your clothes and home furnishings, causing a distinctive musty yellowness

Consider this: 60% of young people believe that they can smoke for a few years and then quit, yet 70% of adult smokers started smoking when they were aged 11-15.
....If it was that easy to quit do you think they'd still be smoking?

Is herbal Shisha Safer?

Shisha is often considered harmless but not many people know the facts about this....

No it isn’t. Shisha, herbal, fruit flavoured or otherwise, usually contains tobacco. However, your health is still at risk if you smoke herbal tobacco-free shisha, from the carbon monoxide and toxins in the coal or charcoal used to burn the shisha.

*What about e-cigarettes or shisha pens?

Experts estimate e – cigarettes are at least 95% safer then smoking tobacco and they can help smokers quit. However, more research is needed and these products are not regulated, thus e-cigarettes can not be guaranteed as safe to use. E – cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. E-shisha sticks or shisha pens are a type of e – cigarette, thus they also contain nicotine.

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